Is it LOVE?

Is it LOVE?

Noah, age 2 with his dad

Is it LOVE? When Noah was 2 years old he had great ideas about life in general. This photograph was taken on Valentine’s Day in 1999. Joel was headed off island to work and I was home with Noah (and 5 months pregnant with Lily).

To treat myself and Noah, I decided to go stay at a hotel in Ka’anapali. This is something I once enjoyed doing. You know room service, swimming in the pool and laying in the sun.

I explained to Noah we we going on an adventure for Valentine’s Day. I explained that it was a day that you shared your love to someone by making a special dinner, buying flowers and maybe a special gift and telling someone that you loved them. I remember explaining in great detail about LOVE.

He looked at me and said that “everyday should be Valentine’s Day’ in his small 2 year old voice. And it hit me!  I had been buying in to the commercial side of the holiday and he was right. I no longer wanted to shape his mind, especially a young man that this is a once a year event or that only one day a year should you express yourself.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you…no matter what day it is