Something unique about Friday

Shabbat is the most important Jewish holiday that comes each week. It begins Friday night at sunset and ends at sunset on Saturday when 3 stars are visible in the evening sky with a naked eye. Living on Maui it’s easy to forget to observe this holiday but in Israel there is no denying this.

On Friday afternoon flower stands spring up along the highway and on many street corners. You see men buying flowers to take home, a lovely gesture. The grocery stores are busy and everyone is rushing home to have dinner ready and to usher in the holiday.

Buses stop. Taxi cabs are impossible to find and stores close. G-d has commanded us to stop and rest. On Maui, I forget to observe this holiday. But in Israel you almost have no choice. And it’s a really nice holiday. The TV, computer and phone all goes off. You stay home with family & friends. Go to the park and nap.