Jerusalem on Christmas

"candle lighting"

Jerusalem on Christmas. We visited several important holy sites in Jerusalem. On Christmas we visited the Wailing Wall, The Wall or in Hebrew known as the the KOTEL.

It was cold and pouring rain so we decided to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Six denominations of Christianity are represented here, each with distinct chapels and religious sites under one massive roof. Included is the site of Jesus’ crucifixion and burial.

Many of you know I’m Jewish but honor and respect all religions. I was emotionally moved by visiting this church. First it’s so old, officially built ad326 then many rooms were added on over the next several hundred years. Then to see so many different people, all ages and walks of life being so moved emotionally. Everyone was there for a specific purpose, probably for different reasons all woven together. Each time I looked at someone we all communicated with our eyes and body language that felt like the same language. Everyone walked with purpose and respect.


The entire church is very large with 20 or 30 rooms added over over the years. The entire church is lit by candles. One huge dome appears in what seems like the center with a skylight at the top. During our visit an Organ was being played. It was massive in size and sound which added an emotional layer to our visit. I never wanted to leave and not because it was cold and rainy outside but because I felt a comfort and connection with my surroundings.

On the floor just inside the church is a piece of pink marble. It is where (it is said) the body of Jesus was cleansed and prepared for burial. This man was adding oil to the lamps that hung over the pink marble. Many people came and touched the stone while showing an outpouring of emotion. I placed my hand there and the rest of my visit will remain private.