January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012.

First post of the 2012 year.


New years resolution? Not me. I take time on my birthday each year to go off by myself and think about the year and my personal goals, where I missed the mark and how I can improve.

I would like to share that opportunities arise each day to improve and make changes in ones life. Why do we wait for one day a year to create change?

Everything is attached to a cycle. Daily routines, weekly events or changes that happen each month. Even season by season we feel the shift.

I’m going for kindness. For the month of December I traveled with my family to Seattle, Amsterdam and Israel. Being away from home I was aware of people that showed kindness, even the smallest gesture. Living on Maui we are in contact daily with people visiting. I say show kindness.

When was the last time someone showed a kind gesture to you?