Is it LOVE?

Is it LOVE?

Noah, age 2 with his dad

Is it LOVE? When Noah was 2 years old he had great ideas about life in general. This photograph was taken on Valentine’s Day in 1999. Joel was headed off island to work and I was home with Noah (and 5 months pregnant with Lily).

To treat myself and Noah, I decided to go stay at a hotel in Ka’anapali. This is something I once enjoyed doing. You know room service, swimming in the pool and laying in the sun.

I explained to Noah we we going on an adventure for Valentine’s Day. I explained that it was a day that you shared your love to someone by making a special dinner, buying flowers and maybe a special gift and telling someone that you loved them. I remember explaining in great detail about LOVE.

He looked at me and said that “everyday should be Valentine’s Day’ in his small 2 year old voice. And it hit me!  I had been buying in to the commercial side of the holiday and he was right. I no longer wanted to shape his mind, especially a young man that this is a once a year event or that only one day a year should you express yourself.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you…no matter what day it is

Haiku Poems

Haiku at Kupu Maui - January 2013

Haiku at Kupu Maui – January 2013

January 19, 2013 5:15 pm Malama Farm in Haiku, Maui HI

Kupu Maui is a locally sourced popup event that takes place usually on the 3rd Saturday of each month, except December. Have you been?

This photograph was taken by Erik Blair and shows about 50 guests seated eating a late lunch on Malama Farm, a 100% Berkshire hog farm. The perspective is facing east and in the foreground is a red clothesline of Haiku poems written by our guests.

Asking our guests to be creative and write their own Haiku poem was interesting. I never asked anyone to sign their name but simply wanted people to be creative in a way that they normally would not be. How many of us sit and hand write poems? I was thrilled with the results. And overjoyed.

I’m in the process of putting several of our favorites in a book along with some photographs from the event into a book. I suppose the “take away” was watching people and their reaction to having to actually write, be creative then show their work. Nervous at first, then thinking caps came on and out of 52 guests can you guess how many Haiku poems were written? You might be surprised. I was…