Cookbooks from my Kitchen

May of you know that I work for a food magazine. I’m a magazine junkie. I subscribe to numerous magazines and most of them are about food, cooking or gardening. I’m also a cookbook junkie. I read cookbooks like most people would read a novel.

My mother gave me The Joy of Cooking when I was a teenager. It’s now my favorite cookbook, again. It’s been burnt, splashed on, dogeared and read cover to cover. It once was my mother’s cookbook and I hope to pass it on to our daughter one day.

Cookbooks come and go, in and out of fashion and style. Currently I’m reading PIE by Ken Haedrich and all of it’s 640 pages of delicious photos and recipes.

What cookbooks do you love? Do you ever share them? Do you stick to the recipe or improvise? I wanna know and I wanna talk cookbooks with you.