The Pleasure of Ohana…

The pleasure of Ohana. Simply stated. Summer is coming to a close. Kids have been registered for school and everyone is home again and I have my family back around the dinner table.

For almost 5 weeks I barely cooked. An act of love that I share with my family freely without thought. I even love to do the dishes and clean up.

Kid1 worked his first summer job. He arrived to work first before the doors opened ready to show his maturity and his work ethic. He mentioned to me several times that he enjoyed the feeling of being responsible. He ate breakfast and lunch at work and often met friends for dinner.

Kid 2 just returned from almost a month log journey to California for summer camp (yes, she had a great time). While she was gone we were not allowed to communicate unless it was an emergency. Is missing her an emergency? No, sorry.

The husband plays music and works most evenings. A shift in our lifestyle and I had the pleasure of seeing friends socially in the evening and going out to do as I please.

Even though I enjoyed the summer, loved my freedom – I missed my family, especially around the dinner table. Our kitchen is the center of our home. So as I sit here watching the sun rise I’m planning the days meals and thinking about the pleasure of Ohana around the dinner table again. What are you making for dinner and who are you cooking for?

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  1. Love this. And I too see the kitchen/table as the center of our home… that anchor where all points meet. I cook for my Jon Brown and I and there are nights when I don’t, and nights when I do. It varies depending on our schedules, but the one thing I keep coming back to is the importance of sitting face to face when we dine. We gather, receive, connect. We need so much more of this in our lives.

    • I can just imagine you and Jon Brown sitting face to face eating and speaking to each other. It’s so strange that my kitchen was abandoned this summer, the garden died and our home was so quiet. Today, I welcome a dirty kitchen with plates in the sink, trash overflowing and each room in the house has someone in it. My heart is full.

  2. My mom is always reminding me that a day will come when I won’t have to bend over picking up toys or dirty socks off of the floor and those will be the things I will miss the most, when the boys have grown and started their own journey.

    The dinner table is the center of our home as well and I so cherish the time that we have together. And, I love Pinterest for inspiring me to try so many new recipes lol..

    • (Smiling) Luana, I would give anything to sit on the floor and play with my kids. I’d also give anything to have them all around my dinner table. I really feel it a huge responsibility that I hold to forage, cook and serve meals for my family. I miss it so much. I might need to start having more friends over for dinner.

  3. I don’t have a “ktichen table” at the house I share with Joe, and I’ve always felt something was missing. We have a sort of “kitchen island”, but that is mostly used for preparing food and working on the laptops and Joe and I rarely eat dinner there. We rarely eat “face to face” unless we are out at a restaurant. That has always bothered me. Now that we have our first child on the way, I’ve been stressing that we need to figure out a place for our table, our meeting place, our ‘ohana station. Where we plug in together… into food, ritual, and mutual honoring. With such little space in our house, we’re considering converting part of the front porch into a dining area (roof and all). I look forward to what will come around our “table”, when we finally have one. :)

    • Thanks Sara.
      We all receive great satisfaction from having our family around the dinner table. I love that you are creating space for your new family. Mahalo for sharing.

  4. I just love how these things circle around. My guy cooks for me – isn’t that a luxury??? And I love sitting at the island talking to him while he preps – somehow that connection makes its way into to the meal.

    While dining though we usually get a comedy or art fix – watching podcasts or shows we have subscribed to on the kitchen laptop. :-)

    And here is the circle part: only recently (about 2 months ago) we started gazing again after years of absence. Just taking time to look into each other’s eyes, no words, no message, no mind reading, just being present. I find that an especially juicy dish as well!

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