Don’t Forget…

A few months back I was told by someone who I admire and looked up to that my style of writing was not “good” and that no one would want to read what I had to say.

And I listened to them. I actually was going to take my blog down. Granted I have not been as active as I would like here on my blog but something clicked and I had an idea.

1. Simply, just begin.

2. Write about things I love.

3. Share the experience and describe it the best I can.

Well, don’t forget me.

I want to thank a few women I know because they are always supportive.

Liza Pierce

Roxanne Darling

Sara Tekula

Sarah Burns

Jill Mayo

Aimee Singer

Tara D. Coomans

…and especially to the person who said my writing was not good. Thank you.




7 thoughts on “Don’t Forget…

  1. Ever the gracious one Dania, you are thanking all of those whose support affects you, whether positive or painful. At the end of the day, we must to thine own self be true. There is no better platform for that than blogging really – it is such an effective way to find one’s own voice.

    Writing style, ack! It is such a subjective preference. Some analyze the grammar while other readers soak up the energy. I am all about the energy and look forward to reading more from you.

    Write on! Or should I say, #WriteOn!

    Love, Rox

  2. Dania: I’m so glad that you’ve got such great support! You’ve got it right, but just add one more thing: enjoy the process.

    Enjoy!! All my best to you!

    • Thanks Tara. I’m adding your name to the list too. And your comment about enjoy the process is so true. Mahalo friend!

  3. Hi Dania, Just started a blog myself and have no idea what I am doing!
    You have always been an inspiration to me. You energy, your ideas, the way your whole face lights up when you are excited about something. Of course you are blogging! I love it. Stop by and say hello at Viewpoints and take a look at my just days old blog if you get a chance. I don’t even know how to put facebook on there yet!
    But I will get there. And you Inspire me!
    Anne Wall

  4. Friends name start with a B. (just kidding)
    You look wonderful and appear to continue to develop new interests I’m so happy for you. We have purchased a house in upper Kula, so I’m back to Maui and loving every moment of it, if you look on my Facebook you will see Jami is also doing very well, like you she has survived and produced a beautiful little boy.

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