Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here?

On Sunday January 22, 2012 I attended TedxMaui. The theme was THE COURAGE TO DREAM. And dream I did, in fact every single day since. Day and night.

I’ve become a TED TALKS junkie. I was so inspired. Everyone was buzzing from the internal high.But now what?

Now, almost a week later I ask myself and all of you…where do we go from here. It’s one thing to be inspired but how are you making any difference or any change in your life or better yet the lives of others. One comment I hear often is that people are so busy that they can’t do much more than go to work and talk care of their family. Well, I say to invite someone to join your family for dinner especially of they are alone or need company. I say reach out more to your neighbors and offer help. Take in their empty trash can after pick up. Or pick up their newspaper and leave it within reach of their front door. Or simply smile big at someone you don’t know.

So, I’d like to know, please. Where do we go from here? And how do you make the shift? The change needed to inspire others?


My Top 10 Things to do on Maui

My Top 10 Things to do on Maui

1. Watch the sunset or sunrise. And not just a quickie. Bring some wine or coffee. Sit, relax and enjoy.

2. Go see local art. Plenty of art galleries and one or two museums.

3. Go to the beach. Any beach. Swim. Float and let the water relax your body.

4. Eat Local. Either fresh local fruit from a farmers market or dine out and make sure the restaurant sources locally grown as much as possible, not just one menu item. Also make sure they are locally owned and operated.

5. Go to a luau. Old Lahaina Luau is my favorite. Authentic.

6. Listen to local live music. Hawaiian music. Not a DJ or backing tracks. LIVE local music.

7. Sleep in. Read in bed. Better yet, snuggle up and just relax with someone you love.

8. Go to church or synagogue. Re-connect. Especially if you don’t usually attend a house of worship in your home town. And if you pray best on a mountain top in nature, well we have those too.

9. Visit a working farm. Any kind of farm. We are the only state in the US that grows coffee, chocolate and vanilla. Go find one.

10. Shop local. Yes, we appreciate you coming to Maui. Yes, you probably need to bring something back from Maui to the dog sitter, house sitter, etc. Please make sure your gifts are 100% Maui made, for obvious reasons.








What to do on Maui?

What to do on Maui?

I am asked often “what should I do on Maui?” and that question makes my mind hungry. There is so much to taste, see and experience. My friend Liza from www.amauiblog.com is asking my opinion what are the top 10 things to do while on Maui. Here is the number #1 recommendation of what to do on Maui if you’re visiting or live here, in my opinion.

Eat local. Choose locally grown foods. Everyone needs to eat. Select restaurants that are locally owned and managed. Find food on the menu that is locally sourced – ask your server. Stay away from restaurants that you can eat at in your home state.

Try new foods. Visit farmers markets. Ask local residents where they eat. Explore and experiment. And most of all enjoy.

January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012

Sunrise in Waiehu, Maui

Day three. Jet lag still has the best of me. I’m falling asleep at 7:00 pm and waking up at midnight. I have advice from everyone on this subject. But here are my observations.

It’s nice to be up in the middle of the night. It’s cool, quiet and I get quite a bit accomplished.

The phone doesn’t ring. I like that.

It’s provided me with time to read, think and plan out my day.

And I might of missed this sunrise yesterday morning. I was walking our little dog at the beach. Enjoy.

January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012.

First post of the 2012 year.


New years resolution? Not me. I take time on my birthday each year to go off by myself and think about the year and my personal goals, where I missed the mark and how I can improve.

I would like to share that opportunities arise each day to improve and make changes in ones life. Why do we wait for one day a year to create change?

Everything is attached to a cycle. Daily routines, weekly events or changes that happen each month. Even season by season we feel the shift.

I’m going for kindness. For the month of December I traveled with my family to Seattle, Amsterdam and Israel. Being away from home I was aware of people that showed kindness, even the smallest gesture. Living on Maui we are in contact daily with people visiting. I say show kindness.

When was the last time someone showed a kind gesture to you?